Do you provide fresh food?

We don’t have the facilities to store fresh food, particularly food requiring refrigeration, for very long.  Any such food we do receive will either be donated directly to current recipients or disposed of in a suitable manner.

Do you provide baby food?

The rules on storage and handling of baby food are very strict and as a brand new food bank we don’t yet have the procedures in place to do this safely.  If your family requires baby food we will speak to the referring agency and work out how to facilitate this through them.

Can you deliver?

At present we don’t have the resources to deliver food parcels.  If you will struggle to collect a parcel or are a vulnerable person and/or self isolating please speak to the agency or individual who referred you and they will hopefully be able to provide support for deliveries.

Do I have to go to Church?

No!  The Food Bank is run by All Saints for everyone who might need it, regardless of age, gender, religion, ethnicity or family status.  If you are in need please speak to one of the referral agencies and they will pass on details to us.

Can I donate?

Yes!  Donations of food can be left at the Co-op on the Great North Road in Woodlands or in the large crate just inside the back gate of the Vicarage (9 Great North Road). The Vicarage crate will be emptied regularly and is covered by CCTV.  If you are leaving a large donation please ring the doorbell.

Donations of dry food/cans/long life items, toiletries, nappies and wipes and sanitary products would be wonderful.  All items must be within their “Best Before” or “Use By” dates please.

Sadly we cannot accept donations of baby food, baby milk, baby milk powder, fresh food, out of date food.

For more information about items to donate, please see our Shopping List.

Donations of cash to support the work of the Foodbank can be made via All Saints Church.  Please email and someone will contact you with the details.

Can I volunteer?

Yes!  Volunteers will need to follow our Safer Recruitment process so please email and someone will be in touch.

Who is running the Food Bank?

The All Saints Food Bank is being run as part of the work of All Saints Church under the “aspire” programme, which aims to help vulnerable people across the community.