Thank you for all the generous donations we’ve had so far.

If you are able to donate food and/or toiletries to the Food Bank, items can be dropped off in the following places:

  • Woodlands Co-op
  • The Vicarage (9 Great North Road, Woodlands) in the box by the back door. If you are leaving a large donation please ring the doorbell.



Quick Shopping List

Each week we will release a shorter list of items we are particularly in need of.

This week’s quick shopping list: UHT Milk, Sweet Spreads (e.g. Jam), Tuna


Tuna artwork . Find at #illustration ...





Full Shopping List

Here is our current full “shopping list” as of 2nd August 2021.  (If this is out of date send us a message!)

Fruit Juice (We currently have enough Orange Juice thanks)
UHT Milk (Especially whole milk)
Sweet spreads (e.g. Jam, Chocolate Spread)
Pot/Instant Noodles
Canned Meals
Jars of Cooking Sauce (e.g. Bolognese, Curry)
Baked Beans
Tinned Veg (Especially New Potatoes)
Tinned Fruit
Long Life Puddings (e.g. Rice Pudding, Angel Delight, Jelly, Microwave Puddings)
Multi-packs of Crisps
Toilet Roll
Cleaning Products


Thank you ALL again!